"The flowers that were destined to bloom
Have bloomed
The strangers who were meant to be together
Are already in each other’s embrace
Those who set out to find a home
Or seek after some dreamt-of land
Have, if they could, already met their coveted goal.

He who is now alone, without a friend
Alas! His haste is but in vain!
Alone and friendless he shall stay
For his remaining days
He shall not ever know
The blissful joy of a restful sleep
In an accustomed place
His cold nights will never be warmed
By a beloved’s embrace”

                                                                                         -Asif Raza

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Fear eats the soul, eh?

Savdhaan, Na durust Purana Makaan!

Savdhaan, Na durust Purana Makaan!

Only the parasite trembles
On the threshold of new days.”

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"Triste plaisir et douloureuse joye,
Aspre doulceur, desconfort ennuieux,
Ris en plorant, souvenir oublieux
M’acompaignent, combien que seul je soye.”

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"One of the accusations against the defendant was that he maintained that the world had its origins in putrefaction"